Crowd Care

Crowd Management. Public Safety. Emergency Response. Consultancy. Fire Prevention. Training.

We LOVE Events!

Crowd Care deliver a wide variety of services to ensure that your crowd, staff and reputation are safe. We operate from greenfield sites, to stadiums, convention centers, sporting grounds, film studio's and locations.

We Care A Lot

Our specialist team have a wealth of experience in all aspects of events and are dedicated to making not only a safer event but a more pleasureable one for all involved.

Stakeholder, crew, contractor and patron engagement

Communication is key

Utilising the latest technologies

Reports documented in software, not paper

The best laid plans can go to waste if they are not implimented by experienced professionals

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Key Mantras

Here’s a short list of our able abilities!

Crisis Averted

People Watched

Pages Read

Client Conversations

We offer Crowd Councilling services ... too!

For many reasons, sometimes people at events experience trauma and just need someone to talk to that is not security, first aid or police :

Speak to us about how our trained and qualified staff can provide counsel, support and sanctuary to adversly drug affected or traumatised patrons.



Let us tailor a solution to suit your needs


Consult and Impliment


Consult, Plan and Implement


Complete Safety System

Crowd Care offers a complete Safety System for large scale events that includes Map Design, Plans, Crowd Management, Public Safety, Fire Prevention, Crowd Councelling, Camera Surveillance (Crowdcare.Tech), IP and IT solutions

The Basic Package comprises of a consultation to assess existing plans and deployment of Officers as required.

The Standard Package includes the same as the Basic package, as well as creating site and event specific plans as required.

The Complete Package is a complete Safety System for large scale events that includes Map Design, Plans, Crowd Management, Public Safety, Fire Prevention, Crowd Councelling, Camera Surveillance, IP and IT solutions


Safety in Action

Integrated Safety Services

Having excellent plans and documentation certainly helps when it comes to compliance, but what good is it being on the hard drive if it is not implimented? Our team put the work in to research your event and develop plans that are easy to follow and implement.


People Come First!

We like to be proactive not reactive. Each member of our team are "people persons" who would rather "get amongst it" than simply wait for something to happen. We value communication and know the importance of keeping our cool when the clock is ticking and tempers are frayed.


Quality Documentation

provided in both print and digital

We pride ourselves on the presentation of our work (and our workers) and provide both soft an hard copies of all our documentation to our clients.


Real Human Support

no mystery robots here

The services and support you recieve with Crowd Care is provided by the same people who designed and built the plans and templates. You recieve first hand, one on one human support for any issues that you may encounter. We provide fast turn around times and keep track of all our communications.


Custom Services

that go outside the box

At Crowd Care we view every client as unique and offer varied services to cater for all types of events from small private gatherings to massive multi day, multi state festivals.


A Level Above

a little one on one

We believe that managing risk is not just about physical safety, but extends to the emotional and spiritual well being of all. This is why we have created extra services such as counselling, and our Sanctum.