Meet our Cheif Warden

Phillip Millar

Phillip has extensive experience in various fields relative to Crowd and Fire Safety. It would take up more than a page to list all of his accomplishments and roles, but areas of note are his involvement in Committees (as both Chair and Director), Emergency Services (being awarded a National Emergency Services Medal in 2015), Natural Rescource Management (Diploma 1997), Forestry (Diploma 1999), Fire Management, Fire Fighting, Work Place Assesor, OHS Management, Public Safety.


Phil is also Licenced to perform High Risk Work and has worked as an Abortist, Fire Fighter, Councillor, First Aid Officer, Safety Officer and Chief Warden.

His roles at music festivals (Rainbow Serpent, Yemaya, Babylon) have included First Aid Officer, Public Safety Officer, OHS Rep, Chief Warden, and Emergency Services Co-Ordinator. As well as being the Western District Manager of Crowd Care, Phil is currently working as the Head Trainer at the Clunes Football and Netball Club during the winter months.

Phillip's excellent Customer Relation, Interpersonal and Conflict Resolution skills combined with his knowledge and experience of Events ensures that he handles each situation in the best possible manner.

Phil has been with us since the beginning and his problem solving skills along side his calm temprament, high level of organisational and computer skills makes him a most valued asset. We are truly honoured to have him on board, and it is always a pleasure to work along side him.