Meet our fire chief

Malcom Matthews

Malcom joined the Metropolitan Fire Brigade in 1980 and holds the rank of Leading Firefighter. Mal has 38 years of professional fire fighting experience as well as managing the fire service at Confest since 2014. The fire service at that event consists of 4 fire fighting trucks and a crew of 10 fire fighters.


Over the last 4 decades Mal has accumulated a vast amount of qualifications that are relevant to his experience as a firefighter, this includes 22 modules Certificate 2 Firefighting, 24 modules Certificate 3 Firefighting, 6 modules Certificate 4 Firefighting, Certificate 2 Public Safety, 2 modules Certificate 3 Public Safety. In addition to this he has completed MFB courses such as Emergency Medical Response Certificate, Occupational Fire Aid, Aerial Ladder Platform, Hazmat, Pumper Mark IV, Pumper Mark V, Pumper Tanker Mark IV, Pumper Tanker Mark V, Wildfire Level 1, Wildfire Level 2

Mal's Confest Experience has been to also improve the festival site, equipment and fittings (increased static supply of water, setting up water management plans, improving radio procedures, irrigation for dust suppression and crowd cooling). This role has allowed him to play an active role in training with local RFS and working in with Council and other Governing Authorities.

Mal also has a great understanding of the importance of having good water and nutrients for the proper functioning of the human body and takes a keen interest in holistic therapies.

We are blessed and honoured to have Mal on board as a consultant for anything to do with Fire Management and Public Safety.