"There are no problems, only situations"....Mark Ludbrook

Crowd Care Today

Crowd Care was first created as a website in 2015 to simply have somewhere to put my photo's, ideas and opinions. I enjoy listening, reading and writing music and words. Strip it back and like most people I enjoy creating things. Working in with my wife Samantha, we are confident that Crowd Care provides an integrated service for the ever growing needs of events to be compliant with legislation and governing authorities.


We now have a fantastic team to make a business out of caring for crowds by creating Safety and Security for Events. It's the adrenalin, the frantic pace, the race against the clock, the sound, the lights......you name it, we Love It!. Except the smell, I can do without that (but as a father of 4 and a qualified plumber I've become familiar to the smell of humans).

Speaking of humans, my experience with events over the years has had me looking over millions of them. Helping me do this have been some amazing Professionals and I feel humbled to have them work along side me with Crowd Care.

The role of a "Crowd Carer" can be many and varied, but one of the most important assets one can have in this field is knowing when and where to draw the line. That is the crux of it, and every one of our team have the experience, knowledge and skills to know when riding the risk is acceptable, or just plain stupid. Being powerless to prevent a catastrophe at a recent event really inspired me to take on the crowd care role seriously and "step it up" to do what I can to prevent such things from happening.

So what started as a necessity to write down my thoughts has become an outlet to do something to improve not only the customers experience of an event but also my clients. I've spent enough time with Safety Nazi's, Bully Bouncers and Paranoid Professionals to know the importance of remaining cool reguardless of the circumstances. Events should be FUN for all involved, not just the punters.

Let's Dance...............