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Marks knowledge of events spans for over for over 20 years. During that time he has performed roles covering every aspect of events including promoting, performing, production, planning, sound engineering, cleaning, traffic management, crowd management, safety officer and even plumber!

Mark has been a Safety Officer and Security Manager managing teams of up to 300 staff for Soundwave, Stereosonic, Maitreya Festival, Big Day Out, Royal Melbourne Show, Royal Sydney Show, Falls Fest, Hanging Rock Concerts, Babylon Festival and numerous events at Sydney Myer Music Bowl and AAMI Park. This experience has enabled him to refine his outlook to four pillars of Safety Management.
  1. Safety Policy
  2. Safety Risk Management
  3. Safety Assurance
  4. Safety Promotion

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Event ually.....all things lead to an event

"Being involved in events gives me an opportunity to experience life to the fullest. When everything is happening all at once and time becomes a blur my instincts, experience and intuition guide me to safe shores. I value and honour being of service, helping people and looking out for others (and if I’m digging the music pumping thru the speakers it’s even better.)

Often I am involved in planning and am there at the start of site build. This helps me to get a feel for the space I am working in and the crew I am working with. During ShowTime I find it really beneficial to be familiar with the territory and the build, not to mention the crew who can give you some valuable tips when it comes to situations or people that might threaten the safety or security of the event."