Our Services

Keeping Crowds Safe.

Crowd Care provide a range of services designed specifically for the Events Industry.

Excellent communication and cooperation with our clients ensure the highest level of service and satisfaction.


From Safety Officers specialising in construction and rigging, to Place of Public Entertainment Safety Officers during showtime.


Crowd, Weather, Emergency, Fire, Risk Management Plans and Online Inductions with contractor compliance management tailored to your event.


Professional Fire Safety Consultancy services for the Event, Leisure and Licensed Premises sectors focused on life safety.


Crowds comprise multiples of unique people that sometimes need to be treated individually for trauma. To do this we offer Crowd Councilling services.

Company Profile

Crowd Care was created by a group of industry professionals with over 100 years collective event experience. We identified the need for a fluid, creative and technology driven business with client objectives as its core operational mandate.

Crowd Care is proud of its team of highly regarded industry professionals who are experts in their specialist areas. We recognise that excellence lies in our capable people, well defined standards and strong leadership. With a professional, creative and integrity based approach, Crowd Care becomes an extension of our clients business to ensure the success of the project and the implementation of their needs.

Service Details

Documentation includes: Policies, Documented Accountabilities, Roles and Responsibilities, Document control and Review, Risk Registers and Records, Safe Work Method Statements and Procedures.

Our audits and checklists are electronic to provide instant access to data. Online Inductions are available to ensure efficient use of time on site and documentation of relative Licences and Certificates.

Events have many considerations for Fire awareness and prevention..... from open flames, smoking, pyrotechnics, emergency exits, fire doors, tents, marquees, flammable structures, decorative and combustable materials. Each Event is unique and must be assessed for Fire Prevention relative to the risks that location, weather conditions and crowd density add to a situation.

Crowd Care is fortunate to have 2 expert Fire Fighters on board out team for preparing and implementing documents and plans, as well as professional guidance and support.

Regulation 210 of the Building Regulations 2018 outlines some of the conditions that may apply to an Occupancy Permit for a place of public entertainment (POPE) which include the engagement and responsibilities of Safety Officers to be in attendance at a POPE to provide for the safety of the public. Crowd Care staff have the relevant Safety Qualifications to perform these duties relevant to the Regulations.

Our service can include pre-event venue inspections, attendance during bump in, bump out and during the opening hours of your event.

We offer Crowd Management and Planning for tens of thousands, to caring for the ONE individual that simply needs someone to listen to them. Our ability to handle this sets us apart from other providers.

We can assist events by offering a service to provide a safe, comfortable space for people to escape the noise and speak to qualified councelors (if they wish) or to simply just have some time out.

Our Pricing

We know how much Event Organisers value their budgets and sticking to them. We take on each job with this in mind offer the ability to charge for our services by the hour or for the job. If we take on a job you know that when the jobs done the quoted amount is the most you will be charged.